NQT Short Course

  • Teachers can register for a SACE accredited professional development short course through UCT.
  • This course runs from January to November.
  • Teachers attend professional development workshops on a variety of vital pedagogic, professional and personal topics (these include Teacher Identity, Assessment and Planning, Classroom Management, Time Management and Wellness, Relations within the school, Teachers’ Pastoral Role and others).
  • These workshops are held in a safe space where NQTs can be authentic about their challenges and share and grow together in a PLC.
  • The course also runs one-on-one mentoring for teachers. The mentoring facilitates professional reflections for NQTs, so they are purposefully learning and growing throughout their first year.
  • The mentor can also do a school visit and observe the NQT in action if this is requested and feasible.
  • Being part of the NQT course also connects new teachers to an online community and various online platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Pintrest) through which teachers can share resources, ideas, challenges, questions and a sense of shared experiences to know they are not alone.

Course Requirements:

To complete the course and receive the certification and the CPTD points, NQTs must participate in 70% of the workshops, attend the one-on-one mentoring and submit their Reflections.


We ask a nominal fee of R500 course fees. However, in the event that an NQT would like to participate but is unable to pay, the fees are waived.